Monitor For PS4 Pro And XBOX One X – Buyer’s Guide and Monitor Reviews

Monitor For PS4 Pro And XBOX One X

Whether you have got or decide to get AN Xbox One X or a PlayStation four professional, you’ll want a worthy show if you want to unleash the complete potential of those play consoles.

In this guide, you’ll realize the most effective 4K console play monitors presently obtainable further as some 1440p and 120Hz models solely for the Xbox One X.

Additionally, we’ll fill you in on everything you wish to grasp and appearance out for once shopping for a replacement monitor for console play.

These square measure the most effective play monitors for PS4 professional and Xbox One X presently obtainable. All of them square measure totally different from one another by several things like panel kind, screen size, features, etc.

So, so as to choose the most effective show for you, persist with our tips and tips and rest assured you won’t be discomfited.

All the monitors within the list have the most effective value/price quantitative relation in their several classes and have proved glorious performance, quality, and reliableness.

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About the Monitor

If you’re trying to find the most effective 4K monitor for console play on a budget, you ought to undoubtedly contemplate the LG 27UD58-B. It’s one in every of the most cost effective 4K monitors nonetheless it offers AN IPS panel with precise colours and lots of exclusive options.

Image Quality

Based on AN AH-IPS panel with 10-bit color achieved through video digitizing (8-bit + FRC) and with over ninety nine sRGB color gamut, the LG 27UD58 ensures correct, vibrant, and consistent colours.

Since the monitor is merely 27″ in size, 4K immoderate HD resolution can lead to a high picture element density providing you with many screen area and most details.

In short, the LG 27UD58 is that the best budget 4K monitor for console play, PC use, entry-level redaction, and the other use.


Moving on, the monitor conjointly offers heaps of game-enhancing options together with pre-calibrated image presets for Federal Protective Service and RTS genres further as ‘Black Stabilizer’ which might increase visibility in dark-themed games.

Next, ‘Dynamic Action Sync’ (DAS) guarantees gameplay liquidness by reducing input lag that additionally to the panel’s fast 5ms latent period speed makes for a responsive and immersive gameplay.

Additional options of the LG27UD58 4K monitor embody the Screen Split for multi-tasking, image by image mode, HDCP 2.2 support, ANd AMD FreeSync technology that is ideal if you furthermore mght have a computer with an AMD graphics card.

Unfortunately, FreeSync isn’t supported over HDMI on this monitor, thus you won’t be ready to use it for Xbox One.

About the Monitor

In comparison to the LG 27UD58, the Samsung U28E590D is an in. larger and contains a American state panel that doesn’t have as punchy colours nor as wide viewing angles, however it will have a quicker latent period speed of solely 1ms.

So, do you have to opt for the LG 27UD58 or the Samsung U28E590D?

Image Quality

If you would like additional intense colours and also the wide 178-degree viewing angles, the LG model is for you.

In case you’d rather have a quicker latent period speed for zero motion blur and ghosting in fast games, associate with the Samsung UE590.

Keep in mind that if you’re an off-the-cuff console gamer, you presumably wouldn’t notice the distinction within the latent period between these 2 models, within which case we’d suggest the LG 27UD58.

The Samsung U28E590D best gaming monitor will give a small amount brighter image with a 370-nit peak brightness as against 250-nits of LG’s model.


TN panels have viewing angles of 160° vertically and 170° horizontally that means that the image can shift in color and distinction once it’s viewed from sure angles whereas IPS and VA displays have 178-degree viewing angles all told directions.

As long as you’re sitting ahead of the screen tho’, this won’t be a difficulty.

The Samsung U28E590D conjointly supports AMD FreeSync over the DisplayPort solely. alternative options embody image in image and movie by image modes.

About the Monitor
Unlike the previous 2 monitors, the ASUS VP28UQG supports FreeSync over HDMI creating it the most effective FreeSync monitor for Xbox One X if you’re on a budget.

Image Quality

As so much as image quality is bothered, the ASUS VP28UQG monitor conjointly options a American state panel with the 170°/160° viewing angles and a fast 1ms latent period speed.

So, it’s terribly like the Samsung U28E590D apart from AMD FreeSync, HDCP 2.2 support, and a few play options we’ll get into next.

Samsung’s monitor contains a shade brighter image with a peak brightness of 370-nits as against 300-nits of the ASUS VP28UQG Xbox One X FreeSync monitor.

However, if you would like the most effective image quality at this value vary, you ought to opt for the LG 27UD58 thanks to its IPS panel with superior colours.


Once you change FreeSync, the monitor can amendment its refresh rate dynamically in line with the GPU of the console or AN AMD FreeSync-compatible graphics card.

By doing thus, all screen tearing and inarticulate are gone as long as your Federal Protective Service (Frames Per Second) rate remains between the dynamic vary of FreeSync that is 40-60Hz/FPS on this monitor.

Unfortunately, this implies that console games that square measure bolted to thirty Federal Protective Service, won’t have any have the benefit of it.

Other options embody ‘ASUS GamePlus’ that consists of customizable on-screen center of attention, timers, ANd an Federal Protective Service counter.