How to access a remote computer using Google Remote Desktop

How to access a remote computer using Google Remote Desktop

You bought your folks/grandparents/ alternative relatives a replacement pc, set it up, and showed all of its dandy new options. You’ve gone home, knowing that you’ve created them terribly happy. But, deep down, you recognize that this isn’t the top of the story.

It’s not planning to be long before that awful decision comes in soliciting for support. “I can’t realize the draft of the e-mail I started!” “Why can’t I build a Skype call?” “My speaker/mouse/ keyboard isn’t working!” They’re planning to wish you to return over as before long as attainable to repair the matter or to speak them through a fix, and each of these activities are likely to require many hours out of your day.

But there’s an answer. If each you and your troubled relative use the Chrome browser (or own a Chromebook), you’ll be able to use the Chrome Remote app to simply gain temporary management of their pc to either fix the problem or show them what to try to. It’s out there for PCs, Macs, Linux systems, and Chromebooks; there are separate apps for iOS and robot.



To take management of a consumer pc victimization another pc, you initially got to transfer the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome net Store. Once it’s put in, click on the app. A pop-up window provides you 3 choices:

Chrome Remote Desktop
Share this pc associate degreeother|for an additional|for one more} user to check and management (accompanied by an easy-to-see inexperienced button labeled “Share”)
See and management a shared pc (accompanied by a rather less obvious button labeled “Access”
Access your own pc from anyplace (accompanied by a button labeled “Get started”)
If you’re serving to a less technically inclined friend or relative, it’s the primary 2 (which seem below the heading “Remote Assistance”) that you’ll want. assumptive you were good enough to put in Chrome Remote Desktop on their system before you precocious it to them, get on the phone and tell them to press the massive inexperienced “Share” button. (If this can be the initial time they’re victimization it, they’ll initial be directed to transfer the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. However, that’s a one-time method.)


Chrome Remote Desktop generated code

When they click on the inexperienced “Share” button, they’ll get a 12-digit indiscriminately generated numerical code. That’s your cue to click on the “Access” button. Have your friend or relative decision or text you the code, and kind it into the pop-up box. the opposite person can get a box that asks “Would you wish to permit [email address] to check and management your computer?” they need the selection to Share or Cancel.

Assuming they’ve to elect Share, you may currently have the management of their pc. the opposite person ne’er loses management, however, you’ll be able to do something they’ll from your pc, as well as showing them the way to created Skype or finding the e-mail they accidentally deleted.


Chrome Remote Desktop sharing screen

As long because the screen is being shared, there’ll be atiny low box reminding each you and also the alternative person of that truth. And once a couple of minutes, there’ll be a “timeout” warning on the consumer system, which is able to got to be clicked on or the association are going to be lost. this can be a security feature, though it will become irritating if you’re sure a protracted session.

There is some way around that, however, it’ll solely add some cases. keep in mind that “Access your own pc from anyplace link” on the primary Remote Desktop window? Click on it “Get started” button. You’ll be asked to modify remote connections and to produce a PIN for security. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to then use Remote Desktop from another pc by merely planning to Remote Access, finding the system on the list of My Computers, clicking on that, and getting into the PIN. Then, there’ll be no timeouts. However, there’s one major caveat: you want to be victimization identical Google account on each system.



The mobile versions of Chrome Remote Desktop conjointly work fairly swimmingly once you’ve downloaded the suitable app. However, detain mind that you simply won’t be able to see the complete consumer screen on your phone; you may get to scroll around the show, which can build things a small amount troublesome.

Admittedly, the interface for Remote Desktop may be higher. Google could finally be obtaining that message — there’s currently a beta version out there that you simply might want to do out.

Chrome Remote Desktop isn’t the sole remote access computer code out there. as an example, Windows has its own Remote Desktop app, and Macs provide a Screen Sharing feature. There are a variety of alternative apps out there. However, Chrome Remote Desktop makes it easy for folks to share screens cross-platform with little effort. By

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